Bob Vevang
Partner & Director of Client Services

Bob brings a collaborative, straight-forward, style to client service. Having mentored several teams over the years, he always falls back on several guiding principles: always understand the client’s objective, build a client approved comprehensive input brief that will guide the work, watch quality and timing like a hawk, have fun and be energized through client success and satisfaction.

Bob graduated with an MBA from DePaul University and has called Chicago his home base since he started his career. Having worked at several notable agencies, he has worked across most verticals including financial services (lending, wealth management, retail and card), telecom, pharma, industrial supply, insurance and travel. His focus has been on direct and digital with the goal of delivering thought leadership along with exemplary service.

When not in the office, Bob spends time with his wife and two children, enjoys traveling and anything he can do outside.

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