We are in the midst of a renaissance—the reemergence of quality, hand-crafted, artisan goods and products. It’s the “Makers Movement”, a celebration of creativity and innovation. The movement is alive and well in both urban and rural communities around the United States. At the heart of it are people like you and me that value music, art & design, food, coffee, beer, jams & jellies, wearables and household items with personality. Many of these items have a local flavor, that is particular to the geography and culture of the region.

This summer I have been fortunate to travel and experience a few of these markets around the United States. While I was visiting family in Birmingham, Alabama, I spent one Saturday morning soaking in the tastes and sounds of the Market at Pepper Place. This market was the perfect blend of farm fresh fruit & vegetables, artisanal blends of sweet tea, southern pepper jelly, and live music that was true to the heritage of Birmingham. The market was bustling with people seeking out unique items, produced by the people selling them or crafted by the genius who produces a kitchen table from the rafters of a 150-year-old farm building.

As an artist and entrepreneur I am always inspired by folks who are creating products in small batches, re-purposing items in a unique way, or producing heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables that just might not fit at the corner grocery store. These items were the treasures that I brought home and shared with family and friends. They also serve as a reminder of the importance of craft and creativity in our culture. In our current society, where big box stores dominate the landscape, people are looking for an escape and quality that at times is absent from mass produced items. This can be found at places like the Market at Pepper Place or as close as your own local farmers market.

I have been fortunate to work and collaborate with small business owners, artisans and farmers in helping them communicate their craft through brand development, experiential design and social media marketing. At Convier Collective we know the importance that local businesses play within the community. We pride ourselves on helping share your story through strategic design and compelling writing.


Michael DeMent
Partner & Creative Director

Michael, is an award winning designer whose work has been featured in publications such as Logo Lounge. With over 15 years of experience he knows the art and science behind building a brand. Helping brands succeed across many industry segments including financial services, pharmaceutical and retail.