→ What is your process?

  1. DISCOVER: During our inital conversations about your project, our goal is to understand your story and what your are trying to achieve. We chat about your business and fill out our questionnaire tool to help us along the way.

  2. STRATEGIZE: We begin putting together an in-depth strategy for your branding, marketing campaign, or digital project. It outlines your mission, purpose, target audience, and analysis of your competition. We come to a position where you'll stand out from the crowd. We use this as our northstar for concepting and confirming we have solved the problem.

  3. CONCEPT: Referencing our strategy brief, inspiration and gut feelings, we begin developing concepts around the ideas. We come to the best solutions, and present 1-2 approaches to deliver what you are looking to communicate visually. We provide you the concept(s) with background and rationale for the directions we took. This conversation is either in person or over the phone, we don't send it over without a discussion.

  4. REFINE: We work with you in 2 additional rounds to refine and finalize the project. Using conversation and learning along the way to find opportunities to improve and grow. The result is to have the best solution for your business. This applies to each item included in a project's scope.

  5. BUILD: Any quality control, proofreading and production required will be handled at this step in the process.

  6. FINALIZE: Once everything has been reviewed and approved, you will recieve the final files and tools needed to complete and launch your project into world.

  7. COLLABORATE: We will be here to answer any additional questions beyond this project and can brainstorm any other future initatives that we think would help your business grow further. We want your brand to have a consistent look and feel across the board so let us know how we can help.

→ How long do projects take?

Turn around times vary depending on the project's scope, complexity as well as time it takes for you to review and provide feedback. We will outline a project timeline before the project begins so you won't have any surprises.

→ What do you specialize in?

We prefer to find out what it is that you need. Our Inner Circle has over 30+ years of agency and inhouse experience. So our approach is to get started with a project that you need addressed and we go from there.

But if we're to claim something: it would be in areas of branding, direct marketing and website creation.

Branding is usually an entry point in working with us, but the majority of our clients add on services (like web design, print and/or digital ads, and packaging) for a custom experience.

For websites, there are a few routes you can take.

  1. A simple and affordable approach: includes a customized template on Squarespace.
  2. A more complex website for you designed and built from scratch on WordPress or a platform of your choice.

→ How much do your charge?

Based on the value of experience and the time it takes to do a project, we have developed flat rates for our most commonly requested projects. Beyond that, we create custom quotes for jobs with unique requirements. It helps to discuss each new project with you to determine the scope of your project, how much work will be involved, the timeline, etc. Once we understand your needs, we suggest a quote that will encompass all of your project needs. We usually quote on set project fee, based on the initial scope, so that you know the costs up front.

Also know, there is a 50% downpayment for most projects, with the rest paid at completition. If a project is more than 2 months, we will break it out into a payment schedule that works for you.

→ Are your costs negotiable?

No, our rates are based on how much value and work goes in creating the end product for you. We do not compromise on the quality of our work, so do not negotiate on our rates. However, if your budget is constrained, we can discuss how we can reduce the scope of the project, or break it down into phases to accomplish what you need.

→ How do I guarantee that the project will be a success?

It'a all about Collaboration, Communication & Clarity.

If we ensure that we're a good fit, communicate openly and authentically, trust in each other's expertise, and speak with clarity — we can do great things as a team.

→ Have more questions?

No problem! Reach out via the contact page, or email: connect@conviercollective.com. When you're ready to talk, schedule a call.