Cyber Security is a growing threat in society and the options available to help mitigate the risks are limited. This forward thinking Chicago startup, ThirdPartyTrust, is a SAAS provider of a platform called “Vision,” which helps enterprises as well as the vendors that work for them manage and monitor their potential risk of causing a data breach.


ThirdPartyTrust’s existing logo was corporate in style, generic in design and uninspiring for the team. They asked us to help with redesign of their logo that better fit their fast paced, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. It needed to quickly tell a story, relate to their product and connect with executives of Fortune 1000 and niche vendor companies or individuals who they were offering their service to. Not to mention, it had to attract creative, motivated and smart job seekers to join the growing tech start-up. 

 Brand Development  |  Identity System  |  Presentations  |  Sales Collateral  |  Email Templates  |  Trade Show Design



Convier Collective studied the industry, as well as the purpose and goals of the product to create a logo that represented the company in a modern and unique way. We used color theory to give meaning to the color palette chosen in the design. The 3 colors selected represent the relationship that enterprises and vendors have with each other and how they work together using ThirdPartyTrust’s product. The green color represents the enterprises, gray represents the potential risk of working with outside vendors, and the blue symbolizes the insight provided by ThirdPartyTrust’s product “Vision.” 


ThirdPartyTrust has built a lot of momentum since the logo redesign was implemented into their marketing to new customers. It, along with the new marketing message has helped in pitching new business and clearly communicating the benefits of the product in a concise way.

As an early stage company, we struggled with gaining credibility with the audience that we were going after, mostly large Fortune 1000 companies. Convier Collective came in, listened to our story and spent the time to understand what our mission and goals were. Analyzing all the information they came back with a fantastic visual representation of our brand and what we want to represent to our potential customer base. Our credibility was instantly enhanced and we now had a thoughtful way to tell our story visually. I’m very happy with Beckie and her team, and the hard work they put in. They truly nailed it.
— Anders Norremo


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